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Which move do I make my Panpour forget?

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I have not evolved my Panpour up until level 43 so it would learn crunch.
It's current moves are:


All of its moves seem good, but I want it to learn crunch!

Which move do I make my Panpour forget? Which move is the worst?!

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I would honestly remove Brine.

Of course, you can't replace Surf 'cos its an HM, and Acrobatics is absolutely miraculous when not holding an item, so it was between Scald and Brine for me.

Yes, Brine has the potential to be very powerful, but only after the opponent reaches half-HP. A Pokempn could easily be vanquished with Scald or Acrobatics when it has about half HP, and also Scald has the additional burning.

As well, you also have Surf, which is pretty powerful anyway, so I think you should remove Brine.

Hope I helped. :)

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I wish I saw this because l just removed acrobatics!D:
The answer is perfect though! I regret removing acrobatics...:(
You always have the TM and the Move Relearner. :3
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brime needs to go!!!

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