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I am having problems with my Sinnoh Pokedex in Platinum?

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I know that there are 210 Pokemon in the Pokemon Platinum Sinnoh Pokedex Right? My game only goes to 200. It doesn't even show Giratina's information, which is 210. I need help because I don't know what to do. I need to fill my Sinnoh Dex to transfer Pokemon over from one game to platinum. Do I find a way to fix it? If so how? or do I collect information about just the first 200? Can anyone help?

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Your game's probably glitched :/
How far are you?
I am past 7 badges and it still won't work.

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Actually, it's not a glitch. The Pokemon you've seen with the highest dex no., e.g Shaymin, which is #492, will be at the bottom of the dex list. If you've seen arceus after you've seen Shaymin, then a new entry will be filled in, here's an example with the sinnoh starters:

001: Turtwig
002: ???
003: ???
004: Chimchar

Since you haven't seen any other Pokemon, then it won't be filled in completely. Hopefully this answers your question. Hope I helped(ish)!!
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He's talking Sinnoh Dex. So the 200th Pokemon is Magmortar iirc.
But when my friend just started his Pokemon platinum game, he had 210 in his Pokedex when he got it and I already have 7 badges and it still isn't showing up.
then his game must be glitched
Then it must be a glitch
It was playing last night and somehow the Pokedex fixed itself. weird. But I still don't get why it took so long.