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Can I use a egg move offspring to breed the same egg move again?

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Okay I know the question is worded horribly but I honestly cannot word my question into a clear sentence. I shall explain my question further here....

Okay so I want a Freeze-Dry Lapras. I already have a Male Aurorus with Freeze Dry and a Female Bold Nature Lapras with perfect IVs except Attack.

I used a Destiny Knot and Everstone but I'm very unlucky in getting a Female Lapras with Water Absorb and with perfect IVs.

So basically, if Aurorus and Lapras give me a Male Lapras with Freeze Dry and subpar IVs, can I use that same Male Offspring with my female Lapras and still keep Freeze Dry? or will Freeze Dry not be bred onto the next offspring?

asked Jun 20, 2014 by 22greenalfs

1 Answer

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No Freeze-Dry would pass on to the next offspring.
You can use the same male offspring with your female lapras and have the offspring learn Freeze Dry as a egg move

Source: Experience

answered Jun 20, 2014 by Mr. Blazo
selected Jun 21, 2014 by 22greenalfs
Oh okay, awesome. Thanks!