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What is the chance that you will pick up an item from pickup?

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asked Jul 15 by The Trapinchinator

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A Pokémon with the Pickup Ability has a 10% chance of picking up an item after winning a battle, if the Pokémon is not holding an item. The Pokémon with the Ability does not have to be used in the battle and the Ability still works even if the Pokémon has fainted.

From Pokémon Emerald onwards the items gained are dependent on levels, generally the higher level you are the better the items are.

Here are the items a Pokémon can pick up with the Pickup Ability in Pokémon X and Y:

Pickup Ability

The table indicates the percentage at which you're most likely to pick up an item. So for example at Level 91-100 you have a 30% chance of picking up a Revive, a 10% chance of picking up a Rare Candy, a Sun Stone, a Moon Stone, a Heart Scale, a Full Restore and a Max Revive, a 4% chance of picking up a PP Up and a Max Elixir, and a 1% chance of picking up a Leftovers and a Prism Scale equalling 100% in total.

answered Jul 15 by Sir Dan
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After winning a battle, any Pokémon on the team that has this Ability and is not already holding an item has a 10% chance of creating a held item for itself, even if the Pokémon was not used in battle. This Ability is still active while the Pokémon is fainted.

So you have 10% change of pick up an item after battle and then depending on level of your Pokemon and the % of the item appear.

List of items you can get depending on Level and %..

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answered Jul 15 by ShinyFire