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Are there any differences between different Gourgeist sizes?

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asked Jul 29 by Toxicroak
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Yes, there are.

While they do have the same BST, the stats do change a bit. Their HP, Attack and Speed differ.

The bigger it is, the most HP and Attack it has, and the slower it is. It just gets more bulky.

Small size


Average size

Large size

Super size

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answered Jul 29 by JackZero
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Yes. HP, Attack and Speed.

  • Small size - HP 55 Att 85 Spe 99
  • Average size - HP 65 Att 90 Spe 84
  • Large size - HP 75 Att 95 Spe 69
  • Super size - HP 85 Att 100 Spe 54

As you can see, the bigger it is, it's Att and HP stats get bigger, while Spe gets smaller.


answered Jul 29 by Sir Terlor
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Yes they have different stats.

Source: Gourgeist - PokémonDB

answered Jul 29 by OriginalGamer100
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