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I have a feraligatr problem?

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As you might know if you've been answering my previous questions I've been playing through pokemon HG/SS, but something weird started happening to my feraligatr, he's an jolly nature, but his defense is over 25 more than his attack, and I thought his base attack was more than his defense, and I didn't EV train him. atleast, I don't think I did. help?

asked Feb 7, 2011 by Josh

1 Answer

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Ok so maybe its abot it ivs check its personalety if its a defencive personalety then its highest stat is defence and I you battled with that feraligator agenst any pokemon it wou allready get ev's so you cant control it

check the personalety here

answered Feb 7, 2011 by charizard
Says he likes to thrash about
That boosts attack :)
There must be something seriously wrong with my feraligatr, and thanks speed freak, you've been really helpfull ever since I joined.