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What items do these pokemon need ?

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Charizard-mix sweeper

earthquake thunder punch flamethorwer air slash (i gave up
on dragon dance cuz charizard dies fast ...)

swampert-physical tank

earthquake curse avelanche waterfall

torretera-physical tank

earthquake seed bomb stone edge curse

starmie-special sweeper

psychic surf t-bolt ice beam

electivire-physical sweeper

t-punch ice punch earthquake cross chop


payback moonlight curse baton pass (all goes to swampert\torreterra )


softboild toxic protect (? has to be an offencive move )

scizor-tank\baton passer

bulletpunch baton pass sword dance iron defence


substitute flamethrower d-dance earthquake

and these are all the pokemon I need items for pluse I want suggestions about a good special tank please :)

asked Feb 26, 2011 by charizard

1 Answer

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Charizard(Sweeper):Life Orb
Torterra:Leftovers again
Starmie-Choice Specs
Electivire-Life Orb
Scizor-Item not nessesary
Charizard(Substitute):Salac Berry

Milotic is a great Special Tank as well as Gardevoir....

answered Feb 26, 2011 by Psychic x
selected Aug 11, 2012 by charizard