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Why is Eelektross so overlooked?

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Why is Eelektross so overlooked?
I know there definitely are better Electric 'mons out there, but this thing has LITERALLY no weaknesses (aside for the HA of Excadrill that would just mess things up) and besides a pretty bad speed, that could be used for a Trick Room, it has pretty solid stats overall and could go both ways in regard of attacks.
Plus, with some EVs training in SDef and Def it would get pretty good stats.

I've only faced him twice on the PSS, and both times I remained perplexed as to why isn't this guy spammed in every team.
Have I misjudged Eelektross or there actually is a really good potential for it?

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Great question, I was also wondering.
Thanks, glad I helped.

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Eelektross is a nice pivot and Assault Vest user, but it isn't good enough to compete with the other great Electric Pokemon in the game.

  1. Although no weaknesses looks good on paper, Eelektross's defensive typing is pretty mediocre. Pure Electric doesn't pack many resistances, which greatly limits Eelektross's switch-in opportunities. This hurts it a lot as its primary function is a Volt Switch pivot, which needs to be able to switch into things to work efficiently.
  2. It is extremely slow. Trick Room is not a reason to ignore this flaw, as Trick Room requires you to build an entire team around it, greatly reducing team building options. Low Speed makes Eelektross pretty easy to revenge kill as well.
  3. It doesn't have fantastic bulk, and will be worn down quickly. Assault Vest fixes this on the special side, but physical attackers and wallbreakers will deal substantial damage to Eelektross.
  4. Its offensive stats are fairly ordinary. While it is nice for mixed attacking sets, 115 and 105 aren't enough to fight against various tanks and walls, and will miss out on many vital KOs.
  5. It is outclassed, both offensively and defensively. Rotom-Wash beats it defensively with its superior stats, movepool and typing, and Mega Manectric is faster and hits harder. Eelektross has trouble setting itself apart from these Pokemon.

Assault Vest Eelektross is a good special tank and pivot in its tier RU, where it can fight threats like Moltres, Mega Pidgeot and Meloetta, but it fails to make itself useful in higher tiers where better options are available.

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Mega-Pigeon is being suspected right now in RU. I don't see how it's any good though, extremely shallow movepool to work with.
Otherwise, great answer. I was equally wondering.
I'm a bit disappointed now, Eelektross really piqued my interest.
Great answer tho, it cleared out my doubts.
Thanks a bunch Fizz!
@RecreativeReshiram: I play RU frequently so I know Mega Pidgeot is a big threat. It's very difficult to revenge kill, it has a lot of power and reliability with 100% accurate Hurricune (that AV Eelektross walls) and access to Heat Wave, which nearly perfects its coverage of the tier. What it can't hit super effectively it U-Turns out on, making it annoying to kill if the opponent can keep it away from its counters. I will agree though, Serperior and Dragalge are being suspected too, and Pidgeotis not nearly as centralising as they are and probably won't be banned imo.
@Torym: Don't get me wrong, Eelektross isn't a bad Pokemon, it just isn't great and as a result is not used over other Electric types. Glad to see that helped though!