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What type combination would lead to a Pokemon with no weakness?

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Similar to how Sableye and Spiritomb had no weaknesses prior to Generation VI, is there an other combinations that would lead to the same result, including Fairy? By the way, this does not include abilities or items. Just the types.

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Edit: It doesn't have to be existing. Sorry if I didn't make this clear!

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Actually, ghost and dark never had any weaknesses until gen 6. Aka faries
Actually they did:
Dark is weak against bug
ghost is weak against dark and ghost
The ghost's resistance cancels the bug weakness, and the dark's resistance cancels the dark and ghost weakness

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Simple as that. Everything has at least one weakness. Even adding a type would give resistances, but weaknesses as well.
EDIT: An Electric-type with an Air Balloon and Wonder Guard would result in no weaknesses. Pair it with Safeguard and complete annoyance. Same goes with a Dark and Poison-type such as Drapion. IF given the ability Levitate or the Air Balloon, it will have no weaknesses. This isn't really a type combination though.
o3o forgot this like a complete idiot

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Drapion is poison and Dark
typo tho
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No single types or double types create a Pokemon with no weakness. If this happened, some Pokemon would be overpowered than others which can result into a Pokemon with an OU tiers - seeing that other Pokemon with many weaknesses already scored a spot in the OU tier.

If you want a Pokemon with no weakness, catch and raise an "Eelektross". This Pokemon is a single electric type with the ability "Levitate". Therefore, he has no weaknesses. Other single electric type Pokemon with an "Air Balloon" can substitute it, but can't provide the same effect - since it can wear off. As a result, to prevent Eelektross from being overpowered, his stats were lowered to now being not yet the strongest or weakest electric type.

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No Pokémon, existing or not existing has 0 weakness.


If and when Game Freak makes a new type, there could be a Pokémon with no weakness, but it would probably be super weak in general (like bad defences or attack) so the game doesnt become unfair.
Currently however, nothing can have no weaknesses. Even if a Pokémon was created for every possible type combo, there simply isnt any way for a Pokémon to have no weakness.

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Every Pokemon has to have some sort of weakness, or else that is what everybody would use

But to answer your question:
Yes, but only if you hack them onto your Pokemon like Flash Fire Scizor/Galvantula andWonder Guard single electric types with air balloon(like Air Balloon Mega Manectric with Wonder Guard)

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