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If a Pokemon could have three types, what three would have no weakness'?

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asked Jun 27, 2013 by ShinyInfernape
yea it wud
Ah yes. Dark/poison/electric with levitate
Poison/steel/dragon (with levitate)
I really wanna comment on this. xD Gonna take a while ;P
Steel/flyong/water with volt absorb
Bug/steel/ghost (with flash fire)
Bug/steel/psychic (with flash fire)
Poison/steel/dragon (with levitate)

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The only invincible triple type without the help of an ability is Ghost/Dark/Normal

x2 Ghost (x1 with Dark, x0 with Normal)
x2 Dark (x1 with Dark)
x0.5 Poison
x0.5 Bug
x0 Normal
x0 Fight (x0 Normal's weakness)

x2 Fight (x1 with Ghost)
x2 Bug (x1 with Ghost)
x0.5 Ghost (x1 Ghost's Weakness)
x0.5 Dark (x1 Ghost's Weakness)
x0 Psychic

x2 Fighting (x0 with Ghost)
x0 Ghost (x0 Ghost's Weakness)

There are plenty more that can work with the ability Levitate. But that's probably the only one that helps no weaknesses without an ability. :)

answered Jun 27, 2013 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
selected Oct 13, 2013 by ShinyInfernape
Whoa! 0.0 +1 its just... whoa! awesome! :D
Lol, thanks. xD