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Why does the shadow triad give you the three orbs?

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Can you catch the generation IV legendaries or something?

asked Apr 14, 2011 by excadrill444
Good really many people wonder about this so good you've asked it.

2 Answers

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You cant transfer items, so if you transfer palkia, dialga, or giritina, you can give it to them

answered Apr 14, 2011 by Ninja
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You can't catch any of them the shadow triad giving you the orbs is not in any way helpful to you and maybe just a cause of being sorry !!

answered Apr 14, 2011 by Unidentified
Thanks.  it would be pretty cool if you could though!
Why did someone vote this down; it's a great answer!
Vote down it is helpful like Ninja said "you can transfer them" the orbs are there because you cannot transfer the form D/P/Pl.