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Where can I find a dusk stone in white?

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I want to evolve my lampent

asked May 7, 2011 by pokeman

2 Answers

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Scolipede is wrong. You can find it in Mistralton cave, not City, Near Cobalion. Everything else is right but I wouldnt reccomend Dustcloud(I spent 3 hours trying for a Dusk STone...)

answered May 7, 2011 by Swampert
Sorry. I made a little mistake.
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Caves,mistralon cave,black city and on the way to e4,there's a veteran dude after the large patch of grass,then talk to the veteran and he'll give you one

answered May 8, 2011 by sassmangg5
what is e4?
Elite Four.
thank youuu mew