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How do you get Mew and Deoxys?

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I was wondering if there is a way that isnt cheating that you are able to get these pokemon.

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There was a wi-fi Mew event in Japan a few weeks back, so it's possible you will get a chance in US/Europe.

I haven't heard anything about Deoxys but there are sometimes real-life events (like at the pokemon movies) where you can pick up rare legendary pokemon.

I post news to the front page of the site at so you could keep an eye on that every week or so.

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You can get Deoxeys in an event going on right now for black 2 and white 2.As for mew no event is going on right now.
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You could get Deoxys in an event in FireRed or LeafGreen...I don't remember how to get mew...sorry.

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Hacking or event.

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There's actually a way to get Mew in Gen1 without using hacking, but using glitches. Doesn't mess up your game like hacking does.

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