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My black city is gone, can anyone help?

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My black city had, I think five people in it until I did the entralink thing a couple months ago. After that it had nine people in it but now it has nothing. The entire city packed up and left. The City Hall is gone, three people are left, and I have no idea what happened. At first I thought it was a seasonal thing but now I don't know because the season was spring when it happened and it is now summer. Please help.

asked Jun 9, 2011 by lightsora34

2 Answers

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You have to talk to the people every day to stop them leaving. Kind of silly but that's how it goes. (Personally I never had a single person in Black City.)

answered Jun 9, 2011 by Pokemaster
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Or instead of talking to them every day, you could keep using the "Entralink" with a friend!

answered Jun 10, 2011 by SoulHeart