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How to counter traunt durant

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When it has entrainment he is a pain in the rear end. Is they a way to get around it?

asked Jul 16, 2011 by Speed freak

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-It's extremely situational to do this, but I use the move skill swap on it. You'll swap abilities, giving you truant, but once they use entrainment, they'll give you your old ability back, and truant is no more.

-You could also taunt a Durant, then hit him or lock him in during his truant turn. Just be careful as entrainment durant are likely sashed.

-You could use worry seed on him before he hits you.

-It does not work on Pokémon with the Truant, Zen Mode or Multitype abilities. ( so if you just happen to have an Arceus, Darmantian, Slaking, or a truant Durant of your own, you might have a chance!)

Those are a few ideas, but all to specific for just one pokemon.

answered Jul 16, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
I absolutely hate Calafox for using this on me first, as well as Trachy in the last tournament. :P

You get one turn to take out a physically defensive, fast, bug/steel pokemon before it switches out and locks you in. then the foe will just set up stalls or stat boosts as you just sit and watch your loss come slowly.
aww i love you too DT :3
Most of them carry sashes, so even if you happen to have a move strong enough to take him, he'll live the shot. After that, you can either attack him and get stuck fighting Chandelure, or retreat and let another pokemon fall victim to entrainment.
I found out that Magic-coat/bounce also counters it very well as it makes you not get hit so the next he can not move and you can hurt him then repeat until it is dead :D
just kill it with fire
thats a little much sorry. but fire works
Just use protect when it attacks