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Is there any certain personalitys that make Wurmple evolve?

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Please tell me them if there is (at level 7 of course).

asked Jul 19, 2011 by furzie2

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The pokemon that your wurmple will evolve into depends on it's personality value. The personality value is set in stone once you catch a pokemon. If your Wurmple has a personality value of 4 or less, it will be a Silcoon, and then a Beautifly. If it is 5 or more, it will evolve into a Cascoon, and then a Dustox. Personality values are super obscure, but hopefully this helps!

answered Jul 19, 2011 by aStryker97
Meaning that ... :0 Dustox has more Ivs :0000
That's what PV means. Thanks!
Oh wait i  mistook Ivs for pvs. But still.