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What Do All The Orbs Mean In White-Black And How Do You Get Them?

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If Your Confused Im Talking About Life Orb And So On.

asked Aug 11, 2011 by Mr.{Shadow}

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A Life orb Brings up your Damage but you lose small hp in the proscess all though it worth it...
A Toxic orb Poisens you This is a use for the Move FACADE the power doubles when it has a status effect
A flame orb is excatly the same except it burns you instead of POisining you.
Those are the one i remmenrber on heart Hope it helped !!!!!!!!

answered Aug 11, 2011 by RedPikachu
Thanks red pickachu
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Life orb raises the amount of damage you do by 30% and takes 1/10 of your Hp away each turn.
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