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What strategy of the 2 is better for Groudon?

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[email protected] berry

-Bulk up/Sword dance
-Stone edge/Fire punch

[email protected] berry

-Sword dance/Bulk up
-Fire punch

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Number 2, but you might want to give us the level, and Substitute could be replaced with hammer arm

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Dead Visitor you're wrong; The second strategy is a SubSword tactic wich works perfect to a groudon and transforms him to a perfect sweeper. (Salac berry raises speed and hammer arm deacrese it so if we pick-up this one the whole set is destroyed.)
Definitively go with no2; And chose sword dance instead of Bulk-up.
Well, the no1 is also a good one but in Uber there are very few pokemon wich attack physicaly and the defense boost isn't that needed..

Groudon @Salac berry
EVs:128HP, 128Atk, 252Spd

  • Substitude
  • Sword dance
  • Earthquake
  • Fire punch/Stone edge
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