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How many EVs does my Litwick have?

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I gave it 10 Carboses, and I used it to faint 109 Basculin. Does that mean I have 318 Speed EVs? Or do I have 252 Speed Evs? Because I thought that you couldn't have more than 252 Evs per stat. Help please....

I didn't EV train it for any other stats yet.

asked Dec 20, 2011 by musicismylife

2 Answers

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You have 255 Speed EVs. You cannot have more than 255 EVs in a stat.

answered Dec 20, 2011 by Mewderator
selected Nov 29, 2012 by Psychic x
So I did all that work for nothing??? :( How do I get it down to 252 EVs?
EV reducing Berries.
Which currently are not relased
They are. Via Dream World.
I didnt think they were, this sounds good. Last time i checked they werent.
I can't access the Dream World because my Wifi isn't compatible with the nintendo system... Then what should I do?
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No, the maximum evs you can have in a stat is 255 although maxing it does nothing in stat change so 252 is optimum. So that means you have 255 speed evs.

answered Dec 20, 2011 by Halcyonic Falcon
Dang. 1 minute. XD