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What is the most type-covering moveset and who for?

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for example i may have a slaking with return hammer arm e quake and shadow claw (im not sure it can learn them moves its just a example)

return=normal-supper effective on nothing 0
e quake=ground-supper effective on-poison fire steel rock electric 5
shadow claw=ghost-supper effective on-ghost psychic 2
hammer arm=fight-supper effective on-rock steel dark 3 -2 because ground covers rock and steel so overall the slaking covers 8 types
is there a pokemon which has a movest which covers 14/18 and above types considering they are just 1 type for example tangroth grass (allowed) bulbasaur grass poison not aloud

asked Dec 22, 2011 by Blobyolo
edited Dec 27, 2011 by Pokemaster
For Christmas, I´m going to give you the "," and "." symbols.
I think Slaking can learn all of the moves you used in your examples. Nice Job.
and the "-" symbol, change hooh to ho-oh in your pro so people know what the frick you are talking about.

4 Answers

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Rock Fighting Ice and Ground.
0 No effect (Shedinja)
0 Not Very Effective
158 Normal Effectiveness
505 Super Effective

answered Dec 22, 2011 by Ninja
edited Dec 23, 2011 by Ninja
so that covers 454 pokemon
Sure does.
Rock, Ground, Fighting, Ice covers more. 504 I think.
505 and edited.
Electric Ice Fighting and Ground is

No Effect
Not Very Effective
Normal Effectiveness
Super Effective
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I found another set.

water,electric,fighting and flying

No Effect 0

Not Very Effective 0

Normal Effectiveness 160

Super Effective 505

answered Mar 17, 2012 by kevin0000
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You can use the pokemon mew for instance. Smeargle also works.

answered Mar 17, 2012 by mechacharizard
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Ghost, Ice, Fighting, Ground

0 No effect

0 Not Very Effective

153 Normal Effectiveness

512 Super Effective

answered Mar 17, 2012 by Saz