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Can I get Victini again?

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I recently got the Virtuoso Victini but I would like to start a new game.If I did start a new game would I be able to get the Virtuoso Victini again?

asked Dec 31, 2011 by furzie2

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i have checked the interweb and forums ect and what it has said every time one per game card so inthis case im sorry maybe trade it to a friend then back but as it says buy one per game card so you can always buy black
i dont have wi fi and all that so im defintly not a expert but this may help i dont think the event is on anymore

answered Dec 31, 2011 by Blobyolo
selected Jul 10, 2013 by Psychic x
I picked new game and tried the mystery gift to see what would happen and believe it or not I got Victini again
Really :D most websites say that there is only one per game card
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Websites say there is only one per game card but it'll somehow know if you have gotten one or not and considering you started a new game, you wouldn't have one anymore so I guess that's how you can get one again. I haven't actually done the same thing myself, but from what I know you should be able to get another after starting a new game.
And by the way blobyolo the event lasts until 12/31/2011 so today would be the last day.

answered Dec 31, 2011 by WhiteWarrior
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yes right know there is a mstery gift of movie 14 victini and he knows v-create fusion flare fusion bolt and searing shot

answered Jun 12, 2012 by celebi1234
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K', so there are two ways to get Victini on Pokemon Black or White.
You can get it via Wi-Fi, by using the mystery gift option, which is going on now. You can also get the *Liberty Pass and board the yellow ship in Castila city.

                              Hope this Helps!!!!! (why is the writing green?!?!?)

*You are now unable to get the pass, or board the ship, unless you go back in time......

answered Jun 24, 2012 by Ledgands101