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Why is my Aggron unhappy with me and have red eyes?

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This is in Sapphire.

asked Feb 25, 2012 by dark_blaze
edited Feb 26, 2012 by Ninja

3 Answers

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How do you know it is angry? If it looks like this

Then you are a lucky man! Because that means it is shiny and that is a 1 in 8192 chance in getting! Congratulations!

answered Feb 25, 2012 by Saz
no it wasnt a shiny aggron i check and no matter what i did i couldnt get it happy
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The way a pokemon looks in saphire doesn't change because of friendship. Aggron has blue eyes. The only times it has red eyes is when it is shiny. Does it aanyhow look like the image アップルブルーム posted?

answered Apr 3, 2012 by mechacharizard
Nuh uuh! Pokemon can evolve with happiness and that changes its image >:3
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try giving it a sooth bell, massages, and the berries that it favores.

answered Feb 25, 2012 by RandomDragon0412
i did but it was still the same