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Why does Tentacruel have a small amount of tentacles when it says on the Pokedex it has 80?

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Just wondering, it's weird it doesn't make sense.

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I guess, some of Tentacruel's tentacles are hidden... :)

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Tentacruel are large, primarily blue jellyfish-like Pokémon. They have two large, red crystal spheres encrusted onto their upper bodies that can refract sunlight and store energy. The round lower body, from which Tentacruel’s eyes are visible, appears black in coloration, but it is possible the coloration was meant to stylistically represent a dark space. It can extend up to 80 tentacles out of its body, most of which are hidden, leaving up to 14 exposed. It has two blue beak-like appendages.


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Black Empoloen, i guess the 66 tentacles are hidden :)
Yes I agree
Well, my guess was right.
look at its spirits