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How Can I get a V-Create Victini?

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I know that the event is over, but I have been looking on GTS, and I really want to know. How can I tell the difference between a V-Create and regular Victini? Note. If someone had one, I would trade a level 63 Zekrom (not shiny) for one. Is there some sort of special O.T. or something? Thanks,

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There's no way to tell them apart on the GTS from regular Victinis. :[

So you can trade over GTS and hope that it knows V-create, or go in the chat in this site and ask around to see who has a V-create Victini.

good luck!

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I only have 1 way to tell them apart on the GTS.

Like you said starmarx39 there is a special O.T. which is--- Movie14 try looking a Victini with this O.T. name and that will be the V-Create Victini.


Hope this helps =P

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Apparently another Victini event is coming out on April 10th (ending April 30th) and I believe it will in fact have V-Create.

So, if you missed out on previous Victini events, like myself you will not want to miss this one! on the far right it has a list of events

Marriland is a reliable source and is rarely ever wrong!

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Sorry BlueNidoking but i went to Marriland but Victini is NOT available in the U.S..... just saying