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Where can you find a Snivy?

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If you chose oshawott or tepig in the start of the game(pokemon B/W) can you still find a snivy other than trading

asked May 3, 2012 by ice_perfection
edited May 3, 2012 by Pokemaster
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2 Answers

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No. You cannot get another Unova starter without trading. You need to either:

  1. Find a friend who has Snivy so s/he can breed one for you.
  2. Get one on the Global Trade Station (GTS)


answered May 3, 2012 by 5th of November
edited May 3, 2012 by 5th of November
thank you
very much!
you could just trade
I can trade you one if you want
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Its impossible to find a Snivy in the Unova Region. You would have to pick him at the beginning of the game in order to get him. In order to get a Snivy you would have to:

  1. When you begin the game, pick the pokemon on the far left.

  2. Do a global trade in the Pokemon Center and Trade with someone who wants another pokemon you have.

  3. Find someone to who already has a snivy so they can breed one for you. And by breed I mean the daycare. I got an Igglybuff when I put my Ditto and Jigglypuff in there. Gonna try it with my Reshiram XD.....

answered Jun 10, 2012 by Darkrai123
1st.reshiram cant breed
2nd.please dont answer questions that have good answers
1 know I just found out about the breed thing when I posted this. And 2 WHAT O_O
this question had a good answer you didnt need to answer it