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Aren't Ghost and Dark types practically the same?

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Nope. Like your last Q, I'll do the same....

Ghost: Dark, Ghost
Dark: Fighting, Bug

Ghost: Bug, Poison
Dark: Dark, Ghost

Ghost: Fighting, Normal
Dark: Psychic

Ghost: Ghost, Psychic
Dark: Ghost, Psychic

Ghost: Dark, Steel
Dark: Fighting, Steel, Dark

Ghost: Normal
Dark: None

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isn't Dark immune to Psychic?... oh i didn' saw it.... well whatever... lol
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No, because dark things are considered evil while ghosts are considered spirits that are restless.

(that was a real world answer)

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no but they're simmilar for example Dark types are strong against Ghost and Psichic, Ghost too is strong against Psichic and ghost, but dark is not very effective against figth and ghost doesn't affect normal.

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simmilar in type matchups but not talking about the real world...
the real world is what made the differences of type happen...the pokemon company use world sense to think of different types
yes but not on all types...
for 4 years this answer has not been edited to the right spelling