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What does "missing no" do if you catch him?

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I know he messes up your game, but what happens your game?? and can you still start new game after??

asked Jul 28, 2010 by DarkBlaziken
retagged Dec 18, 2012 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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That is Really Dangerous to catch, if you catch it Then Say goodbye to all the Pokemon you've captured and all the Progress that you Did + It Will Destroy Everything But only the Saved part, in another words you can Catch it But Don't Save it and Never ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,EVER!!

answered Jul 28, 2010 by Adam
I'm going to try it! Yay! **clapping very fast**  Me and my friend are trying it!
Is it a glitch or something weird?..
if it is something weird ,where to find it?
Follow these instructions in Red, Blue, Yellow.

1. Talk to the guy in Viridian who teaches you how to use a Poke Ball.
2. Surf along the East side right aside Cinnabar Island.

It also appears in Gold, Silver, and Crystal but after Crystal Gamefreak finally realized what was causing it, the Poke Ball tuturial. That is why we can't do the Poke Ball tuturial more than once now.
2 votes

Yeah, you can still start a new game, as far as I know, but don't bother with catching that glitchy Pokemon.

...It's base stats and overall usage are pretty average.

It has a massive base 136 Attack Stat, but with a Mediocre Base 0 Defense, it won't be lasting very long in battle. And with a mere Base 36 Speed, it doesn't make a good sweeper.

Not to mention with it's normal/999GlItCh typing, it leaves it vulnerable to fighting attacks, and packs no resistances.

Finally, it comes in four different forms, and none of these forms differ much, so it's not much more than a gimmick.

...Yes, I just spent this whole answer making a mockery of MissingNO. But yeah, in summary, don't catch him. It just screws up your game.

answered Jul 28, 2010 by ~-~WILL~-~
edited Jul 29, 2010 by ~-~WILL~-~
Hey, his movepool is great. StinkkerstubbleU kills Pokemon. Why is it that there's all these MissingNo questions now that I asked what happened to him?
Oops, LOL. Meant to write, "overall usage."

Fixed. :P