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Can you obtain Genesect in B/W 2?

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I know now you can obtain Melloetta & Keldeo in B/W 2,
But what about Genesect?

asked Jul 6, 2012 by ∞Charizard∞

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For now, no. Nintendo may release an event for it in the future. There are rumors that the next movie is about Genesect, so there's a chance for it to be released when the movie for it comes out.

answered Jul 6, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Jul 6, 2012 by ∞Charizard∞
Thanks yet Again Mew! ^_^
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If Nintendo releases a event for it yes you can

answered Jul 6, 2012 by Aura Warrior
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There is a genesect event for japan.The second WiFi Event in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 gives you the Mirage Pokémon, Genesect. When taken to the P2 Lab, it gives you the drives to control its move Techno Blast. Full details of the event are not yet is from august 11th to sep. 14 2012.

answered Aug 9, 2012 by Exca le roi
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Genesect is now available to all Japanese players of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. This Pokemon will be available from now until September 14th, 2012, and it can be downloaded via Nintendo wi-fi connection.

This Pokemon is at level 50, it has Team Plasma as its OT, and its moves are Signal Beam, Solarbeam, Techno Blast, and Magnet Bomb.

This is a more in-depth answer than Darkgoku's.

answered Aug 11, 2012 by JirachiCelebiMew