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What is a good moveset for Lapras?

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I'm thinking one with Water Absorb EV trained in Defense, HP, and Sp. Attack. I'm thinking for moves:

Surf: STAB, good power, high accuracy, double damage against foes using Dive, used to deal with Rock types.

Thunderbolt: Good power, high accuracy, chance to paralyze, deals with other Water types.

Ice Beam: STAB, chance to freeze, good power, high accuracy, type coverage, used to deal with Grass types.

Toxic: Inflicts toxic poison.

Lapras learnset

asked Aug 10, 2010 by trachy
edited Jul 1, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
Lapras (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Water Absorb
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Ice Shard
- Level Field
Its too bad it can't learn Lock-On to go with Sheer Cold. :P  I've been trying to find a Pokemon that learns one of the 1-hit ko moves with Lock-On but I haven't found one yet.  And I thought there was another move that guarantees next hit but I can't remember what it was...
Arti cuno can learn Mind Reader (a variation of Lock-On) and Sheer Cold
We are talking about lapras not articuno.
Too bad it can't learn Shell Smash...
smeargle can know sheer cold/fissure and lock on.... can learn what u want to learn

18 Answers

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I Would Put In Rain Dance Instead Of Toxic, To Power Up Surf, Then Add Thunder, Instead of Thunderbolt. This Gives A Powerful Lapras, And He Has The HP, and Defenses to set it up:) I Would Also Have It Hold a Damp Rock, so Rain Dance Lasts Long Enough, So Lapras Does Not Have To Waste Another Turn, Setting it up again. But Toxic Works Great Too, As Lapras is more of a staller.

Other Options: Special Attacks(Since Yours Is Trained in Sp Atk, I wont Even Bother With Physical Moves for it): Psychic(Strong Move, Covers Fighting Weakness), and Dragon Pulse(Though Probably not a good choice, as it only covers 1 type, which is already covered by Ice Beam).

Hope This Helps:)

answered Aug 10, 2010 by Swampert
This is on point, but wouldn't Blizzard be better to use than Ice Beam??
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Lapras (M) @ Leftovers

Role: Rain Sweep Tank thing...

Trait: Hydration

EVs: 108 HP / 200 Def / 200 SDef

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Rest
  • Dragon Dance
  • Waterfall
  • Body Slam

A Beasty Gamer named Trachy once said to me, " Water and Normal Makes for Great neutral coverage".

Well, with this set, its not hard to work yourself up 6 Dragon Dances with Rest Hydration combo, So as you can hit neutral. You hit hard.

Also for those who didn't know, This is for use with Rain support.

answered Aug 11, 2011 by Josh
edited Oct 25, 2011 by Josh
Say Hello to Jellicent.
Lower tier usage.
Politoed is OU, So there's no lower tier usage with this set.
Rain Dance is still a move.
Not enough to get up 6 Dragon Dances. And it appears as it's meant as Drizzle support.
Actually I use this with a Damp Rock user now xD I can normally get off 4 d-dances and a Rest after the switch if I get a good switch in. ( Baton pass + Mean look support ) xD

If using this in OU, you just have to make sure you get rid of big jelly before you start setting up.
Dragon Dance and hydration are impossible to both have.
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Lapras (F) @ Damp Rock
Trait: Hydration
EVs: 252 Def / 216 SDef / 32 HP / 8 Spd
Calm Nature (+SDef,-Atk)

  • Rain Dance
  • Rest
  • Whirlpool
  • Perish Song

I don't think this Lapras is common. Damp Rock is here to extend the duration of Rain Dance. Rain Dance is here so with Hydration, she awakes faster from Rest. Whirlpool traps the foe while Perish Song guarantees a kill. EVs here are to give her the maximum bulk and just enough Speed to set up. Calm Nature for more Special Defense. She's like a mini Perish-Trapper :D


answered Aug 23, 2012 by JirachiCelebiMew
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Just curse at you physical attackin opponent and you be good.

answered Dec 3, 2012 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
edited Dec 3, 2012 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
nice.. specially rest+hydration :)
Nobody can beat this lapras as far as I know
Sure. It's a setup fodder when he's asleep. So when he's sleeping, I bring my Gothorita and I laugh at you.
Why would he be sleeping when he has hydration?
this is ou, js
Maybe because you don't have the Rain up. Providing you do, your point is right. But here's my point: Lapras is a team slot waste in NU because there is many better Rain sweepers than him, and he's outclassed in every other tier.
Exactly. It's sad to waste a moveslot with this guy in Rain. So many better sweepers. And he's too slow to be used.
Caps Lock ftw? oh wait, 17% of it is not capitalized...
Ice shard... OU....
Meh, Ice Shard is still weak.
Not if you set up 4 curses...
Which OU player lets you set up 4 Curses?! Your point is totally invalid, as nobody would allow that. It's like saying that you let Volcarona set up 4 Quiver Dances. Nah uh, you just don't do that.
The player that has only physical attackers left.. I just did that on Mega Grevious, js
And for volcarona, ChestoRest? :P
.......Well, experienced and high-leveled players wouldn't fall for that.
As long as you take out all the special attackers on the opponents team, well experienced players can't do ****.
And if you don't, then you suck...
=O Not if they have Taunt =='
If they have taunt, can't I just switch?
Not if it's Goth ;D
gothitelle gets taunt? Well, thats just one counter o;
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Rain team sweeper/staller Lapras. :)

Lapras @ Damp Rock/Life Orb
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
Ability: Hydration
Modest Nature
- Rain Dance/Surf/Brine/Toxic
- Rest
- Thunder
- Ice Beam

BoltBeam combo, infinite health regeneration, and high attacking power? What more could you want?

answered Jun 9, 2014 by Pimplup
And if you want, you can set up a Toxic and just spam Rest.
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Gen V only
Gen V Lapras
Careful Nature
248 HP, 8 Defense, 252 Sp. Defense

  • Rest
  • Curse
  • Waterfall
  • Avalanche/Ice Shard

Don't use this set in X/Y, as it won't get far. This is because it requires permanent rain to work(Unless the Gen III remakes fix that...). However, in an appropriate environment, Hydration becomes an immensely powerful defensive Ability. Not only does it give an essential immunity to poison, and a near-perfect immunity to Sleep, Burn, and Paralysis, but also makes Lapras go from having no recovery moves, to having a powerful, 100% complete restoring move in the form of Rest. Restoring 100% of your HP as apposed to just 50% cannot be underestimated, as it means anything that doesn't 2HKO it not only can't stop it, but can't even prevent it from doing whatever it wants; it will just alternate from X move, then Rest and bring itself back to full HP. Hazards and prior damage are rarely significant, as well. With Special Bulk nearly equivalent to that of a Specially Defensive Sylveon or Umbreon, not 2HKOing it from said front without a Super Effective STAB is an absolute capability. The combination of HydraRest alone makes Lapras very difficult to stall out due to its immunity to status and very hard to kill outright, but it gets worse. Curse allows Lapras to bring up its physical Defense to similar levels to its Sp. Defense and beyond, letting it take physical hits well and also boost its Attack, making productive use of being able to do "Whatever it wants". Its most notable weaknesses are to Fighting and Rock, but once it cushions those moves to manageable levels your opponent will be in serious trouble due to Hydration. Waterfall is STAB and takes advantage of Curse's Attack Boosts, as well the fact that it gets boosted by rain to give it an impressive 120 BP without drawbacks. Lapras may only have 206 Attack, but it has a much better 309 Attack at +1 and a relatively impressive 412 Attack at +2, meaning after a boost Waterfall with definitely hurt. Avalanche has secondary STAB, and also has 120BP if the opponent Attacks Lapras, and overall Water/Ice gets good coverage. Ice Shard can be used to quickly nail Grass Types that might try to hurt Lapras, and to some extent Electric Types that are weak to Ice, especially after it has gotten a boost.

This set might be outdated to some, but at the same time it single-handedly made climbing the Gen V Smogon OU ladder extremely easy as if it were some sort of cake walk, and not just me, but pretty much every friend of mine who knew about it. Rotom-W and Ferrothorn might look good against it on paper but both of them generally can't handle Lapras once it comes down to it, unless they use relatively abnormal and unusual, non-standard sets. So honestly, I had to do this at some point.

answered Sep 3, 2014 by 97eml1
I'd fit in will o wisp or toxic in there but otherwise it's a great set
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Gen V

Lapras (F) @ Leftovers

Trait: Water Absorb

EVs: 252 HP / 72 Atk / 4 SDef / 180 Spd

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Ice Shard
  • Bulldoze
  • Dragon Dance
  • Waterfall

Set up a Dragon Dance or two, and you'll be a very powerful bulky sweeper. Waterfall provides STAB, while Ice Shard is priority STAB. Bulldoze is there for type coverage. Leftovers keeps you alive. Water Absorb is the most useful ability, as if you are low on health, you can switch out and then back in on a Water type attack, then set up Dragon Dance and continue the sweep now that whatever was threatening Lapras is gone. EVs give you bulk, as well as a nice base to work off of for sweeping after Dragon Dance.

answered Jun 19, 2011 by trachy
edited Jul 3, 2011 by trachy
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Lapras (F) @ Leftovers

Trait: Water Absorb

EVs: 252 HP / 120 Def / 136 SAtk

Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Thunderbolt
  • Psychic/Heal Bell
answered Aug 29, 2011 by Hex
That's one sexy looking lapras.
Yeah, it is!  It's so cute and adorable too!
thats a good moveset
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Double/Triple Battle

Lapras (M) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Water Absorb
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Surf
- Dragon Pulse
- Blizzard
- Thunderbolt

Surf and Blizzard are STAB that hit multiple foes. Dragon Pulse can hit any foe ina Triple Battle. Thunderbolt is coverage.

answered Jan 20, 2012 by trachy
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I think Lapras should have the item Leftovers.

And the ability should be Water Absorb.


Ice beam
Body Slam
Confuse Ray

Hope this helps!

answered Jan 21, 2012 by Twilight
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Surf-STAB High Power,High Accuracy

Ice beam-STAB High Power,High Accuracy

Thunder-Variety,Fantastic Power,Okay Accuracy

Dragon Pulse-Variety,Decent Power,High Accuracy

Hope this help's.

answered Feb 2, 2012 by Ampharosknowsbest
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Lapras @Chesto Berry
Trait: Water Absorb
Nature: Careful
EV's: 252 Atk. 252 Sp.Def 6 Hp.

  • Dragon Dance
  • Ice Shard
  • Waterfall
  • Rest

Dragon Dance: Up's Atk. & Spd.
Waterfall: STAB
Ice Shard: STAB + Always goes first
Rest: Fully heals Lapras, Great Combo with Chesto Berry

answered Jul 31, 2012 by Hyper Flares
edited Jul 31, 2012 by Hyper Flares
You are missing four EVs.
Oops Thanks ;)
No problem.
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Well.. I think I like the move perish song :D....

Surf- Stab and you can surf :D...
Icebean- Ashes lapras had icebeam so why not yours xD
Perish song- so they perish.
Protect- stall so they can perish :D...

answered Jan 10, 2013 by Mapleflage1
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Can this lapras work???

Trait: Water Absorb
Nature: sassy + spD - spE
Item: leftovers, damp rock,
EV: HP and spD
- Raindance
- Surf
- Thunder
- Avalanch

answered Mar 21, 2013 by SAMUELL
edited Mar 21, 2013 by SAMUELL
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Full support. Rather than go on the offensive, this lapras helps its team with status and support. Its main use is in its surprise factor, and its not always the way to go, but its good to keep in mind.

Nature: bold (if carrying special moves) impish (if carrying physical moves)
Item: leftovers/damp rock/icy rock
Ability: water absorb
Evs: 252 hp 200 def 56 sp def
Heal bell: helps keep the team status free
Sing/toxic: status move. Sing is a high risk high reward way to go, while toxics a guaranteed burden on your enemy
Icy wind/ice shard/scald: more support, but this is taunt proof. Icy wind lowers speed, ice shard is handy priority, and scald is strong stab that burns.
Roar/rain dance/hail: in the final slot, lapras supports his team with either phasing or weather.

Rest can also be used in a slot if leftovers recovery isn't enough. Other options include body slam and confuse ray

answered Mar 22, 2013 by Dudeicolo
edited Jun 1, 2013 by Dudeicolo
Lapras cannot learn Scald.
yes it can >.<
This set has so many options, it's more like 4 sets.
Lapras can't learn Scald I just tried teaching him and it says UNABLE
Oh. My game must be glitched then.
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My favoritest Pokemon of all tiiime~ <3 Lapras:

Physical Moveset:
Lapras ( female c: )
Nature: Adamant (Brave will work too)

  • Aqua Tail
  • Avalanche
  • Safeguard
  • Dive

Okay, I always send out my Lapras first, just out of pure adoration. XD Don't look at me with those judgeful eyes. Depending on the opponent, I'll either use Safeguard or Aqua Tail. If the opponent is weaker-ish, I'll use Safeguard just to Yeah, stupid pun. Thanks to Lapras's high Defense and HP, we can endure hits. Aqual Tail is for STAB, as well as Dive. Dive is good for evading, and actually, Lapras isn't that slow, even with the nature Brave, so with luck she'll be able to go first and evade the hit. Avalanche is the best move for Lapras. It makes Lapras go last, and after being attacked first, Avalanche's power is raised with Type advantage and Attack power, it is the absolute STAB.

Special Moveset:
Lapras c:
Nature: Modest <3

  • Psychic
  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Brine

With Lapras's high Sp. Attack, these moves work perfectly. Psychic is excellent against Fighting types, plus it's an overall great move and can lower Sp. Defense. Surf is a good STAB, as well as Ice Beam. I'd suggest Blizzard too, if you're confident enough to sacrifice the lower accuracy for power. Brine is great for when your opponent's HP is lower than half, which is inevitable with Lapras's strength. ^.^ You'll knock 'em out. (:

answered Apr 6, 2013 by Dat LaprASSc:
edited Apr 6, 2013 by Dat LaprASSc:
thats two water type moves, you should have thunderbolt instead
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Nature: Adamant
EV'S: 252 Atk / 252 Sp.Defense / 6 Hp
Ability: Water Absorb
Characteristic: Sp. Defense
-Ice Shard

answered Jul 9, 2014 by jy161
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Ahhhhh yet another Pokemon that falls into my mastermind moveset! This guy is an amazing stall

Ability: Shell Armor
Nature: Bold
EV's 252 Def 252 SDef 4 HP

Perish Song: The main trickster of the entire moveset making your opponent faint in 3 turns.
Confuse Ray: To help prevent Lapras from getting hit during the 3 turns that it stalls for
Protect: Again useful to stall
Toxic: If your opponent keeps switching out just use this move to make them continue taking damage

answered Jul 5 by sparky2245