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What are the movesets of Pokemon Trainer Red's Pokes in HG?

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I am trying to train to beat him and want to know what his Pokemon movesets are.

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Pikachu lvl 88
Volt Tackle
Iron Tail
Quick Attack

Lapras, lvl 80
Body Slam

Snorlax, lvl 82
Shadow Ball
Giga Impact Impact

Venusaur, lvl 84
Sleep Powder
Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb
Frenzy Plant

Charizard, lvl 84
Flare Blitz
Air Slash
Dragon Pulse
Blast Burn

Blastoise, lvl 84
Focus Blast
Flash Cannon
Hydro Cannon


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Hehe. Beat you.
Yes but all you gave was a link, I listed them out
You listed from a link. I gave a direct link.
So did I, I gave a link and listed them out
I have a slow Cpu and do not like pressing many links.
Well, if you want to know what they're holding, try mine, but if you just want moves, that'd be B3Ns
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