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What are the movesets of Pokemon Trainer Red's Pokes in HG?

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I am trying to train to beat him and want to know what his Pokemon movesets are.

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Pikachu lvl 88
Volt Tackle
Iron Tail
Quick Attack

>Lapras, lvl 80
Body Slam

>Snorlax, lvl 82
Shadow Ball
Giga Impact Impact

>Venusaur, lvl 84
Sleep Powder
Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb
Frenzy Plant

>Charizard, lvl 84
Flare Blitz
Air Slash
Dragon Pulse
Blast Burn

>Blastoise, lvl 84
Focus Blast
Flash Cannon
Hydro Cannon


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Hehe. Beat you.
Yes but all you gave was a link, I listed them out
You listed from a link. I gave a direct link.
So did I, I gave a link and listed them out
I have a slow Cpu and do not like pressing many links.
Well, if you want to know what they're holding, try mine, but if you just want moves, that'd be B3Ns
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