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Something weird is going on in Route 225 (Pokemon Diamond)?

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I was walking in tall grass at Route 225. We usually encounter Fearow and Raticate. I encountered both of them but when I started walking again what appeared is a Spearow and Rattata. Next, it became normal. I encountered Fearow. But the level is Level 20. It isn't supposed to be Level 20. Is there anything wrong in Route 225 or is it normal?

asked Sep 21, 2012 by Bliqu Pokemon

1 Answer

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See the Route 225 guide - all those Pokemon appear.

If you mean a Fearow appear at level 20 then no that shouldn't happen. It was probably the Spearow.

answered Sep 21, 2012 by Pokemaster
What do you think happened?why did a level 20 fearow appear? :/
What I mean is, is it just an illusion?did the spearow transform into a fearow like it isnt actually real?or is it something that will cause errors?
There are two answers for "Why did a Level 20 Fearow appear"

-Your game is glitched
-You are seeing things
No, actually this isn't uncommon, I have found level 16 sandlsashes in HG in the safari zone. So have my freinds, it's not a glitch it's just that way the game is programmed