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1-hit KO moves having no affect?

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Some 1-hit KO moves sometimes"it doesn't affect the" other Pokemon or else "it has no affect on" the other Pokemon
Why is that?

asked Sep 23, 2012 by Artist KS

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If you're a lower level than your opponent, OHKO moves will always fail. If you're higher level, the move has 30 accuracy but increases as the gap between levels increases ( eg if you're one level higher, it will have around 30% accuracy, if you're 70 levels higher it will have 100% accuracy ). When it doesn't hit, or you're lower level, it will always say it failed.

answered Sep 23, 2012 by Spoink
selected Sep 23, 2012 by Artist KS
You don't have to be a higher level, just the same level. I know this because of my Excadrill.