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Is a Muscle Band and Wise Glasses useful?

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They only raise their respective moves by 10%. Is that a change that could change an outcome of a battle?

asked Oct 8, 2012 by balin1998

2 Answers

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Well, they are decent powerups for all moves without recoil. But the difference isn't too noticeable. However, most people prefer Life Orb, which lets you get 30% boost on ALL moves, regardless if it is Physical or Special. But you lose HP when you do so, so be careful.

answered Oct 8, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Oct 8, 2012 by balin1998
lol, you just beat me to it :D
Thanks guys.
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It's not that useful, you can use more efficient items such as 'Life orb' but you'll have to deal with the recoil damage:\ its personal opinions.

answered Oct 8, 2012 by Chewy