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Pokeradar shiny

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I read about a way to catch shinys using the pokeradar. It said that once you reach a spot about 40 in a row shinys were easier to find. Is that true?

asked May 24, 2010 by veneon

3 Answers

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Yes, you are correct.

This method is called "chaining"
The way you do this is by using your Pokeradar you battle pokemon you find in the moving grass. As you battle the pokemon your chain increases until 40 where is levels out and stops. Your chain can be broken if you battle a pokemon that you didn't find in the moving grass. Once you see a patch of grass that's sparkling walk to it and it should be a Shiny pokemon.

I recommend using repels so you won't encounter unnecessary battles.

answered May 25, 2010 by Eric
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yes i belive it is true for i have red that on many website

answered May 24, 2010 by Speed freak
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yes go here for a guide to chaining. with a chain of 40 the chances are increased to about .5%

answered Jul 14, 2011 by Ninja