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Add moving sprites to the sprites box?

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Right now lots of people are adding moving sprites to their RMTs. It would be a lot easier if they could just get the sprites from this site and not have to ask a question of how to add a moving sprite.

Just my suggestion :D

asked Jul 12, 2012 by Dr.Flame
edited Jul 12, 2012 by Dr.Flame
You mean animated sprites, right?
That could be helpful instead of having to go to another website to do so!
True, though i love PE2K.
Do we notr already have that?
No, we don't have animated ones.
i don't mind having to go to pokecheck
No but other people do
This is a great suggestion! Upvoted :)
thanks! :D
Pokecheck takes forever to load as its a giant spritesheet :P
I like pe2k.com

It is really well organised.

1 Answer

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Weird, thought I already answered this one. Anyway, I already had this idea and will add it soon*

* My definition of "soon" may differ from others' definition.

answered Jul 22, 2012 by Pokemaster
selected Jul 22, 2012 by Dr.Flame
lol ok :D