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Are we allowed to edit certain old questions?

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Like This:


This was asked before Black & White/2 was released, so edited it to include how to get Rotom in Gen V.

I don't know if it should have stayed like that for Gen IV and wait for someone to ask for Gen V, or if it is ok. I wanna make sure i'm not crossing any lines.

asked Jul 24, 2012 by 5th of November
I dont think it matters lets face it no users that ask questions like this actually check, they may as well ask a differant question because its a differant gen but thats just my opinion.

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Yes, that is fine if you find out of date information.

Although for "where to find Pokemon X" questions, we probably have another question for each game somewhere.

answered Jul 24, 2012 by Pokemaster
selected Aug 27, 2012 by 5th of November