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I know rotom is in a TV but where and how do you do it?

I also heard something about getting one through trade in B/W & B/W2.

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Rotom is in the TV in the Old Chateau (Eterna Forest). It's the room on the ground floor, at the far left. Rotom only appears at night.

In Diamond/Pearl you also need to have the National Pokedex (after beating Elite Four).

In B/W and B2/W2 on Route 15, someone will be there asking for a Ditto in exchange for their Level 60 Rotom. The level of Ditto does not matter and will not affect the level of Rotom, unlike previous generations.

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Also if you want to get Rotom in black and don't know where ditto is, Go to the giant chasm, go through the cave and when you get the the forest room just run in the light green grass a little bit and ditto will come. (note the ditto may be hard if a very high level (took me 6 heal balls)
or use pokemon dream radar
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Mate this an easy question for me to get a rotom you need to go to the old cheatu at night and walk into the room which is 2nd across from the left then you need to go to the TV and press A it will say "thump the TV?" Select yes and a Rotom will appear try and catch it with a heal,ultra or master ball.

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Heal? Master? xD xD xD
XXtremely helpful but serious lol at the master ball remark haha :P
P.S. I reccomend a nest ball incase anyone else reads this. i had already beat the elite four before i started tryna find rotom, so my team was well above lvl60 and one nest ball caught it instantly. ta-da! national dex for me.
I've got a Rotom :)