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Point Limit Suggestion and Question.

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I'd suggest getting rid of the points gained limit, as if a question/answer is that good, I think a user deserves those points.

As for the points lost, I have no problem with that, as it helps new users.

My question is this, what would the points gained be if the user recieved on an answer 20 upvotes and five downvotes? Would it be 160 points or 150 points?

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150 points

1 Answer

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I think the point limit is useful, so that a user doesn't just post one popular question and end up getting enough points to gain privileges quickly.

The guy who only ever posted one question (move combos) could end up being able to edit content on here after spending about 10 minutes on the site ;) I guess it prevents spammers a bit too.

I might raise the limit a little - currently it's equivalent to 20 upvotes. But on the other hand there are barely 10 posts on the entire site that have 20 upvotes.

And to answer your question - as far as I know it's just based on the final vote score, not individual upvotes and downvotes. So if it says +15, it's 150 points regardless of whether it's 15 upvotes or 20 upvotes and 5 downvotes.

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