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What happened to edit history?

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Alright so if I hit the edited button to see edit history, that's normal. Now if I hit it on my answer, the edited hyperlink is gone.

asked Sep 23, 2012 by Absol
pokemaster might have fixed it so only experts and higher can see it, i still can. I might be wrong but yea
I can see it still, but its only on one answer.

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It only appears if the answer has actually been edited. Note that if you edit a post within 5 minutes of posting it doesn't show up as an edit.

But there is also a bug where retagged questions, or answers that got BA, do not have the link. I'll get round to fixing that some time.

answered Sep 23, 2012 by Pokemaster
selected Sep 24, 2012 by Absol
Thanks, I edited the answer within 5 minutes.