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Xerneas and Yvetals types revealed? No.. (Type Coverage checker bug)

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So, I was playing with the Type Coverage checker, and I found Xerneas and Yvetal's name on the 'Normally Effective' list. Their types have not been confirmed yet.

asked May 8, 2013 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
retagged May 8, 2013
Well their types Have been confirmed.  As of now Xerneas is Fairy type and Yvetal is Dark and Flying type. Here's the link http://www.pokemonxy.com/en-us/pokemon/other_pokemon/

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This will be fixed whenever I get the new site online.

answered May 8, 2013 by Pokemaster
selected May 16, 2013 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
Are you really the Arceus of the Pokemon Database?
LOLOL nice on XD
Yes, he is.