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Can we put more emphasis on giving out the BA on questions?

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I mean, there are a lot of questions that don't have a best answer given. Here is an example of one that I answered:

Maybe if giving out the BA was more emphasized in the rules, and maybe also there could be a message reminding you to give it out when you are going to ask a question.
Well, these are just some thoughts. Thanks for your time, PM.

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I've been a user for 8 months, and i haven't even reached 5,000.
And I hit Expert in 5 months, and will have been here for exactly a year as of Monday the 13th, and have just a few thousand short of 3 times the amount needed to get Expert. Not bragging, just saying it really isn't that hard if you truly commit yourself.
Yes I agree; seeing questions with no Best Answer makes people assume it isn't resolved.
(Also how did the topic change to talking about Experts?)

XD lolol. Yeah, Expert isn't hard so like if you commit yourself to answer and ask, it's not hard.
About the question, I don't really see the gain in this. Most Mods go on BA'ing spree's anyway, most questions get BA'ed, even though it doesn't happen instantly. Just explain to me what advantages there are.
In all honestly only 50% of the time is the best answer selected as best answer. People select allot of the time because of the user and other reasons. Though I agree with the idea I would have to disagree as everyone who voted on this question does not care for the fact you get a green box around your answer which usually means nothing. Everyone that voted, voted for the points. Points mean to much to people on this site tbh...
The expert problem occurs when we have to many experts already, some of which hit it in a matter of months (some as early as 3). If every answer was selected people would be able to surpass people like me in a matter of weeks if they were committed to it. People just would not need to work for expert, just answer a few questions.

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To be honest, it doesn't matter if people don't get BA. If the answer is there, the person got their answer and anyone else with the same question can see the top answer at the top.

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