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I'm training a pikachu and I had some questions: I want to train him to be an electroball abuser and would like to know, should I keep it A pikachu (with light ball), or evolve it into raichu? Which would give me a better electroball?

Also, I'm defintaly EV training it's speed, and I need to know, should I EV train it's Sp.Atk, or it's health, or Defense? (because Raichu doesn't last long in battle).

Also I'm deciding on getting rid of the Volt Tackle and replacing it with thunder, thunder play's to my strength because it's Sp.Atk. But the Acc. I don't like. Or Volt Tackle but the recoil, and Physical attack stat I don't like.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

(also this is my first post, and I just created my account)


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Ok, first off, you should evolve him into raichu for the higher stats. Second, you should EV train in speed and special attack. He has very low defenses. Even with the boost in defense, he's not going to be very tough. Third, you probably don't want to have two electric type moves. You should mix it up for better coverage:
item: life orb
suggested nature: timid (+speed -attack)
EV's: 252 sp att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
electro ball or thunderbolt
signal beam
focus blast
grass knot or hidden power (whatever type you can get) or nasty plot (to boost special attack)

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