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Hello !

I'm planning on having Pikachu with this moveset:

Pikachu @ Light Ball:
Trait: Static
EV: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 Sp.Atk
Jolly Nature

  • Volt Tackle
  • Fake Out / Grass Knot (If Fake Out cannot be used)
  • Volt Switch
  • Brick Break / Hidden Power [Ice] (If Ice)

For the PWT. I think it can do much before to die, and I may need an electric Pokemon. I've tried Jolteon, it's great but now I want to change.

So my question: (Try to understand and follow well, it's a bit tricky)

  1. I have 2 Pikachu:
    One is Male, the Other is Female. I have a Light Ball. My Female Pikachu is Jolly natured.

  2. I breed the 2 Pikachu after giving the female a Light Ball. I must get a Pichu holding a new Light Ball and having Volt Tackle, no ?

  3. I train da new Pichu 'till it become Pikachu, then I breed the new Pikachu (♀) with a Liepard that knows Fake Out.

Will the newly hatched Pichu can be nicknamed Cutebébé, and knows the following:

  • Volt Tackle (If passed)
  • Fake Out (from Liepard

and 2 other moves ?

Thank you.


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No sorry that won't work because the male passes down the moves. You got it correct up until the Liepard part. The only way Pikachu can have Fake Out and Volt Tackle on the same set is through Smeargle.

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Female Pikachu w/ Light Ball breed with Male Liepard w/ Fake Out, that should work y/n?
Maybe most likely not. I checked to see that and it said Smeargle nothing about the Light Ball+Female Pikachu.
Theres always question made for me
I have a Pikachu just like this
OK thank you
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This combination is legal if you chain breed Volt Tackle and Fake Out onto a Pichu.

OK thank you