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So by an amazing stroke of luck I got a Pikachu with a Light Ball before the first gym in Pokemon X (that little sucker was doing waaay too much damage so I was curious). Can I now get Pikachus with Volt Tackle??? I think I should be able to.

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If the trend continues from previous generations, then yes.

Give Pikachu the Light Ball and breed it with a Pokemon that is of the opposing gender, and in the same egg group, and the offspring should be a Pichu with Volt Tackle. :)

Since this happened in both Gen IV and Gen V, it will probably work in Gen VI.

Hope I helped. :)

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That are the mechanics. those are always the same. we need to know where you can find a light ball
Pikachu in Santalune Forest roam. Alas, only 5% of these Pikachu hold the rare Light Ball. They lay far from our reach, but one day, the Light Ball will art in thou hands, and it shalt be activated by the well-known mascot of the Pocket Monsters franchise - PIKACHU. :3
Lolz, I am just lucky then :P I got one on my 2nd or 3rd pikachu.
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Just catch 20 and one of them has to nab that light ball

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