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How does the ban report work?

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The question says it all.

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  1. When you see someone doing things like being innapropriate, bullying, excessive censor avoiding, and spam voting or having a duplicate account, you start an answer on the Ban Report.

  2. Give a link to the offending user(s) profile(s) and list the things they have done to break the rules. Adding screenshots and witnesses helps immensely.

  3. Post your answer on the Ban Report thread, im assuming you know where that is.

  4. A mod can look at it and decide what happens to the user.

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It's as if you want somebody to be banned XD like... "look for somebody" and "think if reasons" lol
I want a lot of people to be banned lol
On the flip side, a lot of people wouldn't mind if you got banned.
...Do you mean Gligurr or me? And Flare, no, it's just a couple people threatened to ban report me if i typed in a link one more time. (i did it 4 times, unconsecutively)
Gligurr Ofc. That comment had nothing to do with you.