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Have the ability to transfer a question into a different section.

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I can't believe how many times I've seen questions being asked in the wrong sections, so we can just do this! :D

Expert+ will have the ability to do so.
Thoughts? :3

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I suggested this before on the big suggestions thread that was open last year. PM didn't say anything, so either it can't be done or he is thinking about it.
If this was to happen I would suggest only editors + get it (obviously because I'm power hungry). I mean expert is just a title :P Sometimes people get the idea that Experts have lots of authority and should be able to preform kicking on chat ect. As much as I hate to say it, Expert isn't really anything special now lots of people have it and are reaching it in a matter of months. I'm not taking it away from anybody but my point is that it is far to easy to get.

Took me about a year to get Expert and people considered my point gain to be fast ;) With double the amount of users, some willing to give votes for really silly things like a tag and double the amount of questions (especially currently with the release of x and y) points are incredibly easy to get. Take yourself Indigo, you have answered almost as many questions as me in a couple of months yet I've been here just over 2 years. When I received Expert there was 7 in total with 5 being inactive (some haven't come back) :P. It was about a year ago and we still had people with 2000 points on the second row of page 1.

Expert is just a title as said. You can already edit at 6000 and because it's such a meaningless title nowerdays, I would like the point requirement for it to increase or for Experts to be hand picked, that way it means something and we don't have people spamming 100+ answers a day because some people are just set on reaching expert O.O It will feel much more rewarding to get Expert if you are one of a few rather than 1 of the many we have. Currently we have 24 coming on 26 :P

As for the actual purpose of this post, I don't know whether it is really needed. As an editor I never see this happen and this is assuming I have to approve and reject this stuff in the first place. People who don't need their posts approving tend to know the rules and won't make silly mistakes like this. That said I guess it may be useful if it does happen.
The main problem is people who post PokeBase questions on Meta/RMT though. Since there is no approve/reject system in Meta and RMT, this becomes more of a problem.

Of course we could give them an approve/reject system, but it doesn't happen enough for it to be necessary. Then again there are people who still post in game stuff on RMT, so I guess we could use one there.
I likey
Yes! +1

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