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Is it possible to remove the name changing feature for new users?

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I understand that it was implemented in case new users messed up their names here so they don't complain to you, but I believe newer users are somewhat abusing this.

The main thing I saw was people attempting impersonating other users, and confusing other users. While this may sound minor, it does cause disturbances on the chat, and it really gets annoying when the affected users complain. When they change names, and a moderator comes in to stop it, we can't do anything about it unless we find the IP, because they usually switch names in fear of a Moderator. And the link to the page of the username they formerly had become broken.

Plus, many users nowadays join for the chatroom and just roleplay (which is starting to cool down a little, but still too excessive, in my opinion) away, making that name changing box there forever unless they make a post.

Perhaps we can limit this by doing one of the following:

  • Getting rid of it completely. Add a warning on the registration page stating that the user is stuck with their username until name changing season arrives.
  • Limit the number of times a new users changes their name when new, like 1 or 2 times before the name is permanent.
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I like the idea where you can change it a total of 2 times to fix a name.
Except that idea is stupid and not situational for the mods
Ninja, are you directing that at me?? :3
If so, ;~;, if not, my point still stands. :D

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It's not possible at the moment, but if I implement the idea on Indigo's link, it should solve the problem.

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Indigo saves the day. xD