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K, so it's something that I've been seeing for a little now.

People are randomly giving out upvotes to others for no good reason whatsoever, other than 'I feel like it' or 'I'm giving you wall-posting privileges' etc. etc., and upvoting the most basic questions and answers for those purposes.

I know that MetaKnight did it to Sassy Little Mawile (I talked to Hexy about it, but he probably doesn't remember that incident qq), and later Dragoon just upvoted Sassy again for no apparent reason (Star was present at that time, and I think she countered it in the end). Pokemon123 went around chat and asked 'Be4 I go does anyone want an upvote?' and also went around upvoting Immortalkitty for, and I quote, 'Because I wanted to'.

The link for "Be4 I go..." is a screenshot. The rest are profile links qq.
Immortalkitty's profile, with countered upvotes.

While I know that these aren't in any way serious cases, they still are against the rules. e-e

Oh, and please remove MetaKnight's spam upvotes.

asked Feb 16, 2014 by Sempiternus
edited Feb 16, 2014 by Le Scraf
There is a very fine line between voting for no reason and spam up-voting. Technically, the person you upvote doesn't have to be the same person. If you're giving away tons of free points then it's still spam. Asking for votes is outright rule breaking. Not a major issues obvi, but it gets annoying.

On the bases of "giving upvotes cos they wanted too", this does actually lead to the same thing with downvotes. As long as you don't get spammed with them constantly, people would lose points over it. Again, not a massive issue, but it goes through the same gateway, so to speak.

One more thing, users with points to spare are free to give the odd downvote to this type of thing. as long as you don't get mistaken for spam downvotes, correcting votes as it were is fine. It's only 2 points for you and you get them back eventually anyway xD
Here Here!
Don't worry! If people are breaking the rules, they will eventually suffer the consequences. The mods know how to deal with this, I'm sure they've seen incidents like this before. Thanks for letting the moderators know!
People also tend to upvote higher ranked users even if their answer is not 100% correct or even if the other answers are clearly better. I've seen it happen quite a few times in a short period of time and biased upvoting is annoying ¬_¬.

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