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Gender: I'm a Lady
Country: USofA
Favorite Pokémon: Mega Futakuchi-onna, duh! ^-^
Friend Codes: 4270-0860-7361 -- 3ds IGN is Faithe or Ember                               
5258-0586-6625 -- 3ds IGN is Deezy
About me: My Mawile iz alwayz hungry...

Hello ALL! My name iz Faithe. I'm 20 e~e (Old, right?) My girlfriend and I both play Pokemon avidly. I consider myself lucky/blessed for that. Just so you guyz know, I am a fierce and cunning competitor with even stronger friendz. Come to think about it, thatz what I TRULY Love about this site, other than Pokiemanz tail, Meeting all the awesome and interestingly unique people of the Pokemon community whom I call my Friendz. It'z super Awesome here, and I love the vibe. 030.....Az far az battling goez, I follow a strict creed for every opponent... I alwayz play to win but with fairness and respect being the ruling elementz in every battle...and dat style of course (>^~^<)  So for all you Pokemon Fanz out there, feel free to say sumfin awesome on my wall. And for all my fellow ladiez, if ur down with the Sisterhood of the Pocket Monster world, gimme a "Hell Yea!!" when you see me on da chat. (sorry boyz but girlz rule and you should get uzed to it) 8P  Oh yea! Also I draw Pokemon and stuff and post on DeviantArt so feel free to request a Pokemon drawing. I will get back to you.

I have a group of friendz which I will list here. I am constantly updating it so...yea.  Only awesome people make the list 0.0 luckily for you, I think every1 iz awesome! (^~^)    ...I LUFF Theze Guyz!            

~RedtheLegend (MetaKnight)- Yay He'z Back! I care about this Guy! He iz the first  friend I Met on this site and He iz SOOO Sweet when you get to know him, oh my gawsh. STAY CLASSY RED!

Deezy! @[email protected] <<<< that'z what I have to say

Moon-well she iz my Moon-chan and the light of my day! I Really like dis Girl! I trust her and Count her az a True Friend. but shez better than a friend ; } Also it iz my strong belief that she iz the very Essence of our chat community. Her bright spirit and silly happiness iz Impossible to ignore, also she haz a Hilarious Dark Side X} I wont tell you TOO much about her, itz fun to just let her surprize you. Oh! and Sheez quite honestly the strongest Female trainer I know, so dont underestimate her if you would dare to challenge her.

Stella-The 1st thing I can say about this little guy iz that he iz honest and proud of who he iz and not afraid to show hiz colorz to people. This waz the 1st thing that I noticed about Stella when I met him, and for hiz age he iz really mature and intelligent. I actually waz newly aquainted to him but I know we're gunna be Budz. ^~^ I feel like we understand each other already, but itz rare for a teen such az he to be so Openly mature and Proud of the person hez becoming. I suggest you get to know him and friend him

Fat "Tigger" Tony- a downright awesome dude. maybe my favorite guy friend to talk to. heez friggen funny! Also Oppa Tony iz a super sweet and caring person. I guess I just know him well enough to see that. =J

Shinkou Ryu- @[email protected]

DemonFlygawne-ah, Scrawnie Gawnie, I like to think that he iz in sum way an important character on this Chat site. He iz important to me becauze he bringz laughter and sharp wittiness to our group. also he iz an RP god and super creative and "flexible" when it comez to RP even tho hiz Sand Rebirth and Demon powerz are kinda broken -__- DemonFlygawne iz also known to do secret RP missionz with Candy and I and otherz behind Modz Backz!XD....
 <.<     >.> Gawnie for Moderator 2014!!!

Candy- She iz an Adorable little Nasferatu with plenty of sassiness. her and Gawnie make the perfect match ^~^

SilverLeafeon-So Kawaii! She iz my Adorable little Shining Leafeon. I met her az a Silver Eevee and She evolved for me. O~O
Now we are inseparable Partnerz. I am her Faithful Trainer and She iz My Loyal Ally. Also she iz Possibly the Cutest Thing in the Universe(z)

Tstyles- This guy rox!!! And he iz awesome by default cuz he haz a Ditto Safari!!!!!     @[email protected]

CrashKid-he'z a down to EarthBound guy (see what I did there?) X) I love hiz dedication to the best seriez in Nintendo history-Besidez Pokemon of course

Terri (Berry)- sheez 1 of my awesome PKMN Trainerz of the Sisterhood of Bodacity (Not actual clan name) She rox and iz a credit to the female race! You go girl....Oh and sheez wicked strong,so if you battle her...I hope she winz....unless ur Me XP

Pikamaster(PikaPOSSUM)- this guy dezervez to be a Mod. he haz dedicated a lot for us/this site. I respect this guy and he iz the ABSOLUTE CUTEST PIKACHU ON EARTH!!!! Look at hiz profile if you dont believe me. I would like to see him Zap foolz with KICKBOT 1 day!  oh that remindz me.....

KICKBOT- He iz our Hero Unit!!!!!

ChampionZero- he iz a well rounded pokemon trainer, watchout for this guy

!*•~Indigo~•*!-Lol I love dis chick, sheez so fun, need I say more?

DarkTyphlosion-Arguably the coolest Mod we have watchin us. Thanx DeeTee for all ur caring support and dedication to this awesome community/site. He protectz us fromall the Imbecilez out there. Oh did I mention heez Hella smart, I'd love to just talk to him for hourz X}

IronKnight-I believe IronKnight Hatez that I replace "S"'z with "Z"'z when the S soundz like a Z, I make it a Z and it drivez him crazy! XD

Mr.Popo(Malik)-Oh Mr.Popo...I have beaten this crazy boy a coupla  timez in battle but hiz Team iz scarier than mine. seriously Gnarly trainer, this guy

Bad Apple-Similar to Mr.POPO, this guy seemz Abnormally strong...itz great having guyz like him around to hone My skillz with. on a Personal note, Bad Apple iz a great Ally of mine and super fun to be around and if he'z reading this, just know I wannabe closer friendz becauze you seem Bad Ash ^~^

Snow-though I cant attest to hizPKMN skillz, dis Boy got sum Charizma! Snow haz a Strong prezence on our chat and iz a Fellow artist. He also haz been knownto dress up like Sub Zero and post the pix! he made a SubZero Costume from Scratch! Totally cool [email protected]

x Lucky Luxray x- this guy iz really cool, he like many otherz fell prey to my friendz list becauze he just seemz interested in Mingling with people and heez super nice.....altho CharredBulbasaur(hiz first uzername) waz way more awesome than the current1....then again Lucky Luxray iz catchy and fun to play around with Nicknamez. Oopz sorry for ramblin on ur spot LuckyLux 0.0

Pokemon123- 1 of my 1st friendz, i like this guy. he iz the kinda person that putz feelingz and friendship az a top priority.He should be on every friend list here X)

PKMN Trainer Orange- my first Battle Buddy, he really got me on my feet in the X/Y wifi scene

Kilox- he iz A GREAT PKMN player. Moon, Bad Apple, he and I alwayz did Multi'z Together and he iz alwayz down for a Rumble

~-~WILL~-~ My favorite Mod, and wouldnt ya know it, he'z friendz with DeeTee! XD Willalso haz hiz own youtube channel and coverz all sortz of fun topix. Support dis GUY!! 0.0

Dexter-perhapz the scariest strongest PKMN Trainer I know, not that he needz the Ego boost

Erapidash- sheez mah Sheela! lol no but sheez my super cool Australian sista! She iz also a fan of Xena ( I wanted to BE Xena when i waz a lil girl, so I understand her Obsession) and sheez the Mother of 4 adorable chickenz.she showed them hatching right here on da chat ('B so cute...

MeowingHorse - he iz Erapidash'z doppelgenger and a gnarly little dude xD he goez by many namez and iz a frequent chatter here at the DataBase. I enjoy spending time with him when the chatz dead hez alwayz willing to strike up a conversation with any 1. You rock!

Lord Kaname(Raven) Hez my most "anxious to be the greatest" rival and he iz diligently working hiz way to the top with hiz ever evolving team. I am rooting for this guy cuz with determination like hiz, he will trample you if you dont have rezolve x},  oh did I mention heez a deadly assassin....? No? Well he iz

Dat Puff~ hiz name iz so random and HILARIOUS! XD he iz alwayz on da chat sayin sumfin Snarky to sum1 LOL I like dis guy. But he keepz puttin :I facez on my Wall and I dont know why... :I

LotionMaster- thank you SOOOO much for ur Ditto safari!!

SS-thanx for ur Mawile safar!

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Apr 29, 2021 by BM™
Jan 13, 2021 by ~Spleens~
Mawile is hecka underrated.
Apr 21, 2018 by ♥~Morpekochu~♥

Old question, also please format your answer properly.

Thanks and sorry for hiding ;-;
Nov 14, 2016 by Sempi
Sep 14, 2016 by ~Spleens~
Also, what Tad said about Girls being better than guys.... Completely True. Most guys of this generation suck :L
May 23, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
It's made of metal Seraph, do you even Mawile ;o?
May 23, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
eww your grav's giant plant-eating whatchumacallit is drooling....

May 21, 2015 by Your Excellency
o3o im demat/secret btw
May 21, 2015 by a creepy stalker
I can get the dratini. Only Extreme Speed don't expect anything else like IVs and such
May 21, 2015 by a creepy stalker